Cross Country Skier 1965. Petr Smukrovich.
Petr Smukrovich

1928 - 1998

Cross Country Skier 1965

Petr Smukrovich was born in St. Petersburg, (Leningrad) in 1928 .

In 1939, at age 11 he entered the prestigious art school associated with the Repin Institute  He was a student there until 1942.

In 1947, after the war, he was accepted into the Repin Institute where he studied under Professor Boris Ioganson, the best known artist in Russia at that time.

He was elected to the  St. Petersburg Artists’ Union in 1955.  He is best known for his impressionistic landscapes and beach scenes.  He died in 1998.

Oil on board  
48 x 33 cm  

Provenance: John Barkes, London, bought from the artist in the artist's studio, St. Petersburg




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