Item #5869 Illustrated Letter of Honour and Farewell to Doctor Alex Lewers, Creswick 1898. Percy Lindsay.
Percy Lindsay

1870 - 1952

Illustrated Letter of Honour and Farewell to Doctor Alex Lewers, Creswick 1898

Including four vignettes of local buildings
Watercolour and ink
57.2 x 45.7 cm

Signed also initialled and dated below each vignette and inscribed
To Alex Lewers Esq.

On the eve of your departure from Creswick - the executive of the Medical Union - representing over four hundred members of the Friendly societies of this town having had the honour of your professional  services for a period of six years - desire to place on record their high appreciation of the marked skill and ability you have always displayed, as well as the zeal and attention ever enforced in the discharge of your onerous and responsible duties.

By your unvarying kindness, courteous demeanour, and tact you have merited the esteem and respect of the whole of the members, between whom and yourself the relations throughout have been of the most amicable and cordial character.

Although regretting your departure sincerely trust that with the blessing of Providence upon the course you have decided on you may be spared to achieve yet higher distinction in your honourable profession and thus be the means of further  alleviating the condition of suffering humanity. 

We are Dear Sir, yours very sincerely, 
William Hogg,  President; R. W. Kneale; Wm. P. Northcote, Treasurer; W. Sutcliffe; John Blamey; B. T. Ward; Peter Ellis; Geo. Tait; Wm. King; Geo. Ward; James Bunyan; L. B. Elshavy Sen

Alexander Lewers  1877-1922  born Creswick, worked and trained London and St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne


Item #5869

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